City of Thorns by C. N. Crawford

Title/s (In Order):

#1: City of Thorns

#2: Lord of Embers (TBR)

Author: C. N. Crawford

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Stand Alone/Series: Series (The Demon Queen Trials)

Hardcopy/Kindle: Both, I have it on Kindle

Memorable Quotes: Evil people don’t worry that they’re evil, Rowan. They don’t care.


I never thought I’d be singing happy birthday to myself in a dungeon. And yet when a sinfully sexy demon crashes happy hour, that’s exactly what happens. He’s known as the Lord of Chaos, he’s mistaken me for my succubus doppelgänger.

Happy birthday to me.

When he tastes my blood, he finally understands I’m mortal. And I realize we have something in common: we both crave revenge. So we make a deal: I can stay in the forbidden city to hunt for my mom’s killer. In return, I’ll help him get the vengeance he craves. I just have to pose as a sexy succubus. One problem–he’s my number one suspect.

And that’s increasingly hard to remember as he teaches me my role: seduction. With each heated touch I drift further into peril. And if I fall under his seductive spell, death awaits me.

Review – No Spoilers –

Wow, there is so much for me to say about this book. It was phenomenal, and so damn refreshing. It was such a funny, intense and utterly gripping world. 

Rowan is so unbelievably loveable as a character. From page one I was in love with her. She is relatable, down to earth and just so damn courageous. She gives life threatening experiences a go, and uses her true wit and bravery to pull through on the strong end. 

Of course we have Orion, a swoon worthy presence that keeps you on the edge of your seat. You don’t know what to expect with him, and that is something that I actually find so admirable. You never quite trust him, and you still are made to be reminded continually of his real natural predator-like threat to Rowan, which is really intriguing and captivating.

I loved the stealth/undercover aspect throughout many of these chapters. It kept you reading, and wanting to know what happened next. I haven’t read a book like this before, if ever, as it has so many angles to it that really steps out of the ballpark and I’m so, so glad I came across it.

The main point for me here is that I was never skipping paragraphs or pages. Sometimes with these fantasy/romance type genres the chapters can get repetitive, or are merely page fillers until you get to the ‘goods’. This entire book was good. No part of this was skimming to get ahead to where the plot counted, because every part did its role and it all was put together so seamlessly.

Overall Verdict: I immediately preordered the second book, and I’m eagerly waiting to sink my teeth into more of this world. Absolutely in love.

Rating: 5/5

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