To Sir, With Love by Lauren Layne

Title/s (In Order):

#1: To Sir, With Love

Author: Lauren Layne

Genre: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Humour

Stand Alone/Series: Stand alone

Hardcopy/Kindle: Both, I have it on Kindle

Memorable Quotes: “Because you said you loved him. Because you deserve your fairy-tale ending. And because I’d do anything for you, Gracie Cooper. Even if it means letting you go.”


Perpetually cheerful and eager to please, Gracie Cooper strives to make the best out of every situation. So when her father dies just five months after a lung cancer diagnosis, she sets aside her dreams of pursuing her passion for art to take over his Midtown Manhattan champagne shop. She soon finds out that the store’s profit margins are being squeezed perilously tight, and complicating matters further, a giant corporation headed by the impossibly handsome, but irritatingly arrogant Sebastian Andrews is proposing a buyout to turn the store into a parking garage. But Gracie can’t bear the thought of throwing away her father’s dream like she did her own.

Overwhelmed and not wanting to admit to her friends or family that she’s having second thoughts about the shop, Gracie seeks advice and solace from someone she’s never met—the faceless “Sir”, with whom she connected on a blind dating app where matches get to know each other through messages and common interests before exchanging real names or photos.

But although Gracie finds herself slowly falling for Sir online, she has no idea she’s already met him in real life…and they can’t stand each other. 

Review – No Spoilers –

Ugh. I don’t know where to start. From start to finish, I was in love. The whole dreamy concept of the city life, and having the comparison of the ‘big corporate guys’ compared to ‘small family business’ circumstances was so, so interesting.

It really puts into perspective the different worlds that people come from, and that ultimately we all just want love. No matter who you are, or where you come from, we all are searching for ‘it’. The one who sweeps us off of our feet.

This is a lovely twist of being torn between paths. One that may seem simple, and one that may seem hard. It makes you really get thinking about what you would do if you were experiencing similar circumstances, and you find yourself talking to the pages being like ‘do something already!’ because it keeps you captivated and eager to know more.

It covers family traditions, and being selfless to the bone. Where you always put your dreams aside for those that you love, and you wish to only do the right thing for others. It breaks your heart in many ways, but it puts it back together in such a wholesome way.

It covers, I guess, a lot of situations of our current age in this world. Where you meet people online, or even in real life. It proves how you can fall in love with a person for their words, and the way their brain works, not necessarily just through a picture, or through reality in person. It shows you all the different avenues where your heart leads you, and it gets you wondering if you really can find the one, just quite well anywhere. Love always finds a way.

Overall Verdict: Ohhh yikes. This book killed me. I literally could barely sleep after I finished it, my mind was whirling – I felt like I had insomnia for the night. It was just SO GOOD. Worth the tiredness the next day, because I absolutely loved, loved, loved it.

Rating: 5/5

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